Omnitronics’ Innovative New Dispatch Console RediTALK-Flex

Omnitronics Raises the Bar Again with the Cutting-Edge Soft Dispatch Offering RediTALK-Flex Omnitronics, a leading provider of world-class mission critical communication systems, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest dispatch console, the exciting new RediTALK-Flex. Building upon the platform that launched the original RediTALK application to success, RediTALK-Flex has…

Qué significa propagación?

Tait Radio Academy nos comparte este interesante artículo sobre la propagación de las ondas de radio. " It’s useful when thinking about radio waves to think about light waves. Light travels in rays, and radio waves do the same thing. It is called radio propagation. When white light goes into…

Qué es DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) ?

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) es una norma de transceptores móviles digitales específica para los usuarios de transceptores móviles profesionales (PMR, Professional Mobile Radio) desarrollada por el Instituto Europeo de Normas de Telecomunicaciones (ETSI, European Telecommunications Standards Institute) y ratificada por primera vez en 2005. La norma está diseñada para operar…

Interoperability – Radio Network Management « Tait Communications Blog

"The only interoperability processes that will be effective in an emergency are those that are well known to your users. Expensive patching devices,ISSI (Inter-Sub-System Interfaces) and extra groups or channels in the radios will not help unless your users understand how to take advantage of them". Interoperability radio network management

Simoco TRACX AVL application

The Simoco TRACX AVL application enables the real-time tracking of GPS equipped vehicles, people and assets. All Simoco Xd terminals can be equipped with GPS functionality which enables location reports to be sent over the digital radio infrastructure. The TRACX solution uses a mapping server which is connected to the…

DMR Applications – Tait certifies Total Recall VR on its DMR network

Simoco pasa las pruebas DMR Tier III de Interoperabilidad con RadioData. // Simoco passes DMR Tier III interoperability testing with RADIODATA – Simoco Group

RoIP…. en el futuro de las radiocomunicaciones.

Sabia usted que utilizando la tecnología de Radio sobre IP (RoIP) puede poner a su empresa en comunicacion con total interoperabilidad. Pronto, más información.